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Delving into Dreams Mentoring Sessions

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Have you ever desired to improve your ability to interpret your dreams?


Unpack the pictures God gives you?


Understand biblical symbolism?

If so,

these mentoring sessions

are for you!

Summary: Join us and explore the hidden depths of dreams, pictures and symbols in a fun, relaxed small group setting. Grow in your skill and develop your interpretation ability while practicing with others and being helped by our experienced dream interpreters.

Each Session will include:

  • A warm up exercise looking at and understanding possible meanings for a ‘dream picture’

  • Working through some dreams together (sent for you to attempt beforehand)

  • Space for asking questions

  • Exploring the different meanings of any symbols contained within the dream

  • Practice visualising the dream and getting the key essence

  • Practice putting together an interpretation in an understandable way

  • Being mentored in a small group on different ways to reach the interpretation

  • Each session duration 1½-2 hours

  • Cost of £15.00 per session

  • 18+ sessions available


Session Details
What Others Say


“I’ve learned more in the last 10 minutes than through any other study of dreams I’ve done over the years – thank you so much”

- Allana


Delving into Dreams Registration Form


Thank you for your interest in Delving into Dreams Mentoring Sessions. To Register your interest to join a group please complete the form below and click the Submit button. Sessions are generally online, however, in person can be arranged.

There are no requirements to join any of the groups. Each group is a place to come and learn together in a fun relaxed environment.

REGISTER to Join a Delving into Dreams Mentoring Group
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Delving into Dreams Available Plans

Available Plans

Payment  for your chosen plan can be purchased either through PayPal or by Bank Transfer. The details on how to do this will be sent with information before your first mentoring session.




Months £75.00

6 Dream Mentoring Sessions

One-Off Payment of £75.00

SAVING £15.00

12 Months £150.00

12 Dream Mentoring Sessions

One-Off Payment of £150.00

SAVING £30.00


Payment Options

6 Months £15.00pm

12 Months 15.00pm

6 Dream Mentoring Sessions

Paid Monthly at £15 per month for 6 months

12 Dream Mentoring Sessions

Paid Monthly at £15 per month for 12 months

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